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Get Certified

CCR9000 Certification is the only industry certification for schools.

The 2017-2018 Application Window begins in Spring, 2017.

Please email admin@EdCenter.org to receive the application materials.

Programs to certify quality organizations have existed in manufacturing for decades.
Today, the LEEDS certification for “green construction” signals to the community the commitment by an organization to sustainable conservation efforts.

CCR9000 Certification is based upon the graduate-level “College & Career Readiness Blackbelt” educator development program accredited by the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education – one of the premier educator preparation programs in the United States.

What is CCR9000 Certification?

The quality certificate is available to individual schools and to districts with clusters of schools. Certification requires that schools meet a number of research-based best practices criteria. Once initial certification is complete, recertification takes place annually.

How is CCR9000 Certification different from Accreditation?

All public schools and almost all private schools are Accredited. Accreditation confers upon the organization the label of “accredited school” but does not serve as an indicator of quality. Accredited schools include some of America’s most failing schools as well as some of our most successful schools.

CCR9000 is a Credential Indicating Quantitative and Qualitative Measures of College & Career Ready Rigor and Success are in place.
CCR9000 Certification is a statement to parents, prospective teachers, students and communities that the school and the district offer rigorous, quality curriculum and instruction sufficient so student attain College & Career Readiness skills.

Is there a guarantee that my school or district will Certify? What if we don’t succeed?

CCR9000 is not a guaranteed certification program. Much like a high school or college degree, the credential requires effort on the part of the school or district. However, you are not alone. The CCR9000 certification process includes ongoing graduate-level professional development, best-of-breed tools & resources, and consultation from some of America’s school improvement leaders. While initial certification is designed to take one year, the process may be extended for up to three years, and provisional certification is offered for those schools showing progress but not yet reaching final certification requirements.

What is the CCR9000 process?

Schools and districts submit an initial Application for Screening and Program Acceptance. After the CCR9000 Application is reviewed, a phone-based interview is conducted to evaluate the candidate school or district’s goals. After the interview, candidates are notified of Acceptance into the review process and their review level. Each school conducts three formal evaluations during the certification process – usually during school walk-through sessions. School leadership receive immediate access to Graduate-level professional development resources for use in their schools. A final interview is conducted prior to notification of credentialing.

What do I get with the CCR9000 process?

Applicants for Certification receive a set of tools to help their schools including Graduate-level professional development resources, PLC study guides, released assessment items for item and lesson study, lesson planning templates, research and intervention materials, and ongoing coaching for administrators. Most participants find the CCR9000 process to be one of continuous improvement, helping to create a culture of high performance in at atmosphere of sustainable capacity building.

When can I apply?

2017 applications will be released in Spring, 2017.